Sunshine Doodle

The sunshine doodle
of my childhood becomes art —
fiber, thread, stitching


©Hilary Clark ~ 9/19/16

See the quilt here.

Someday, Paris

Standing at the
Top of the
Eiffel Tower, the
City of Lights
Glows at sunset.
Boats lit with
Twinkle lights float
On the Seine.

Sitting at the
Base of the
Tower on emerald
Green grass, we
Eat croissants and
Laugh while
Watching the sunrise.

Paris. Someday.


© Hilary Clark, 9/28/15

See the quilt here.



In the old days sailors
Sailed their ships by the stars
And a Mariner’s Compass
Pointing the prow to points
North south east west.
Many went west, found the
New World, and wished they had
Found the Fountain of Youth.
Instead, they grew old
Watching the sunburst
In the eastern sky.

© Hilary Clark, 12/26/14

See the quilt here.