What is the meaning of
life? Is it purpose, children,
love, or just living?

Why is the sky
blue, the grass green,
my hair turning grey? Are
these childish questions?

Who is God? Have you
met Him? On the other hand, is it
Her? Is it both? What does
God look like?

When will the world
end? Have you wondered?
Do you care?

How do we know when
chicken is cooked or
black currants are
ripe? Will you ask Google?

Where do the rabbits in my
backyard make their
nest? Are they happy?

I wonder…are you as
inquisitive as I am?


© Hilary Clark ~ 6/28/17

See the quilt here



A fire rages through the
country.  Anger flares.
Passion ignites.
Polarized, on the brink of
repeating history.

Will we break?

Will we unite?

Each day, one side or the
other, or the media
who has bias both ways,
fan the flames of dissent.

Our next revolution will be a civil war.

Pull the pin on the extinguisher.

© Hilary Clark ~ 5.31.17

See the quilt here.