Who? Me?

This is the place where I post my poetry.  Most of it is probably bad.  Some of it might be good.  You decide.  The important part is my poetry inspires my quilts.


I discovered poetry in 4th grade, when our class was taught the various poetic forms: sonnet, haiku, couplets, and the like.  For 15 years, I wrote poetry and short stories at every opportunity, loading my college class load with every possible writing class as elective.  But then the real world entered.  I graduated college.  I entered the work force. I built a career in Contracts Management for multi-billion dollar airports projects.  And the creative spark abandoned me.  More accurately, I buried that spark deep beneath the drudgery of daily living.  I let life happen TO me rather than making life happen.

In late summer of 2009, after 20 years of simmering, something fanned the creative spark with air and a flame began to flicker in a prominent place in my creative center.  A poem spilled out.  A month later, a second one appeared.  As 2010 rolled into being, several more poems were given life.  The spark doesn’t burn as brightly as in my youth, but the flame constantly gasps, “Write.  Write something.  Put thoughts on paper and beauty will grow.”  So I listen.

My muse does not speak with a loud voice, but I find, if I pay attention, I can occasionally hear him whisper.


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