The Kite Perspective

The bright candy colored
Kite soars on a wind roller coaster
Filled with corkscrew loops
On the edge of freedom

Squealing laughter and
Oops se daisy tummy flips
Encourage flight and the kite
Looks down at the children

Anchors with string
Held tight in tiny fists

© Hilary Clark, 6/16/14

See the quilt here.


Word Cloud

You are a tourist
Said somebody that I used to know
Working in a vacuum
Next to others locked in their individual spaces

All drinking cough syrup
Like it’s water to ease whatever needs easing
Watching clocks keep times like these
Moving in an even flow

So time moves forward
Sweeping static
Attitudes into an abyss
Of past memories that ask “how did we get here?”

The future is coming in hope driven word clouds

We’re renegades, ever ready to start
Making no excuses in crazy times like these

© Hilary Clark, 2/3/12

Any Color’s All Right As Long As It’s Red (for Basil)

Grandpa in his navy blue
suit and claret
tie taught us his made up

In leather slippers and ruby
robe, he entertained
grandchildren with tales sung in a
baritone about whales
making love on their
knees.  Seated on the tall shag
carpet at his
feet, we giggled because
whales have
tails and we were too
young to understand

But we knew about
stories and Lawrence
Welk and the
bubble machine and
Love and any color’s all right
as long as it’s

© Hilary Clark, 6/4/14

See the quilt here.