Ideas don’t make stories
Don’t make books
Don’t make poems
(Well, maybe poems)

Ideas prompt scenes
Prompt theme
Prompt plot
In Three Acts

Constant questions
Create conflict
Resulting in
Fanciful fiction

Creative genius only speaks if I write.

© Hilary Clark, 4/28/14

Words for Grey

Gun metal mixed
with sterling silver
and pewter

Leaden stormy seas
peppery with slate,

ashen battleship
granite flecked
with water drops.

Rainy day colors
pressed back
by gold light
in the window.

© Hilary Clark, 4/17/14

Future Gwen

Someday you’ll be
nine years old
on roller skates
in shorts and a purple tee
careening down the sidewalk
at the end of a rope
yanked by your extra special
BFF and before you
roll straight off
the curb into traffic
she will catch you in a
giant best friend bear
hug and you will
smile brighter than
the summer sun.

© Hilary Clark, 4/15/14