Portals 1: Cosmos

What if we knew
where the portals are?

The ones through which
we visit star clusters and
new universes and
worlds we can’t imagine.

What if the cosmos was a
place to call home?

Not because of this planet’s
location but because we
knew we were made of
star stuff and
energy and

The portals exist.
The cosmos is home.

When you learn to
let go and trust
you find them.

© Hilary Clark ~ July 9, 2022

My poems are inspired by my art.  See the piece that inspired this poem here.

Tree of Life

Dancing arms stretch to
sky, dip to ground,
swaying with the vagaries of

Roots spread deep even as I
stretch to expand, evolve.
Bright bark, glowing,
reaching beyond what is
possible to what is

Winds blow new thoughts,
old thoughts even as
earth holds me firm when
rain falls to quench my

Sun rises, sets, and my
limbs catch

I am tree.
I am world.
I am life.

© Hilary Clark ~ December 17, 2021

My poems are inspired by my art.  See the piece that inspired this poem here.

(Feeling) Impulsive

Stop thinking so hard.
Seriously.  Turn your mind off for a minute.
Instead, act.  Follow your instincts.
Follow the urge.
Feel the impulse.
Do a somersault.
Don’t walk – dance down the sidewalk.
Sing “Bohemian Rhapsody” in the produce section of Whole Foods.
Turn right when Siri tells you to turn left.
Paint your bathroom walls purple.
Paint your front door red.
Embrace your inner child.
Don’t let fear stand in your way.
Play drums on the kitchen counter with wooden spoons while making dinner.
If your family gives you the side eye, hand them a spoon and invite them to jam.
Share the impulse.
Share the fun.
Feel impulsive and act.

© Hilary Clark ~ 11/8/18

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