(Feeling) Impulsive

Stop thinking so hard.
Seriously.  Turn your mind off for a minute.
Instead, act.  Follow your instincts.
Follow the urge.
Feel the impulse.
Do a somersault.
Don’t walk – dance down the sidewalk.
Sing “Bohemian Rhapsody” in the produce section of Whole Foods.
Turn right when Siri tells you to turn left.
Paint your bathroom walls purple.
Paint your front door red.
Embrace your inner child.
Don’t let fear stand in your way.
Play drums on the kitchen counter with wooden spoons while making dinner.
If your family gives you the side eye, hand them a spoon and invite them to jam.
Share the impulse.
Share the fun.
Feel impulsive and act.

© Hilary Clark ~ 11/8/18

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(Feeling) Fear

Fight: kick off an argument.
Keep it going for days.
Never admit you might be wrong.

Flight: disappear into your
Phone, a book, your job.
Avoid the conversation at all costs.

Freeze: over-analyze.
Now you’re paralyzed.
The resolution is out of reach.

Feel the fear.
Let it burn you.

Or make a different choice to:

Stop fighting.
Stop fleeing.
Stop freezing.

Feel the fear and do
It – whatever it is –

© Hilary Clark ~ 8/14/18

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(Feeling) Serene

To feel serene, you don’t need
Om or a desktop Zen garden.
You don’t need to sit at the
shore while the tide ebbs and flows.
You don’t need to hold a sleeping
baby while sitting in a rocking chair.
You don’t need prayer or
meditation or yoga or
cups of tea on your back patio while you
watch the sunrise.  For that matter,
you don’t need the sunset either.

If you have any or all of those things,
great.  But really, you want to feel serene?

Just smile.


(c) Hilary Clark ~ 5/4/18

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