(Feeling) Serene

To feel serene, you don’t need
Om or a desktop Zen garden.
You don’t need to sit at the
shore while the tide ebbs and flows.
You don’t need to hold a sleeping
baby while sitting in a rocking chair.
You don’t need prayer or
meditation or yoga or
cups of tea on your back patio while you
watch the sunrise.  For that matter,
you don’t need the sunset either.

If you have any or all of those things,
great.  But really, you want to feel serene?

Just smile.


(c) Hilary Clark ~ 5/4/18

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(Feeling) Anguish

Anguish tears great
red, raw strips from the
soul.  The heart
weeps, laid bare.

Flayed wide open.
Swallowed deep in
black despair.
Fiery streams of
pain will not allow
bending, breaking.

One only comes out the
other side after
facing down the fire.

(c) Hilary Clark ~ 2/4/18

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(Feeling) Gleeful

Giddy glad gladioli
gaily grow on
garden gates, graciously
graceful and gleeful.

Grand good gifts of
gems and ganache
gleam gold glitz,
glazing on glass.


© Hilary Clark ~ 11/21/17

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