The Coptic crosses hang,
mounted on green
velvet, within a golden
frame.  A gift from
Ethiopia, presented
fifty years ago.

The brass has

The meaning has not.

God loves our imperfection.


© Hilary Clark ~ 12.13.16

See the quilt here.

Lead with Love

Love bursts out like the
sun’s rays, radiating in all
shapes and sizes and
color combinations.

Bright lives are
lived with love leading.

If God is love and love is
God, then love exists in the
moon and stars and sun,
in day and night, among the
flowers and across fences and
during picnics.

Every moment of every
day, we choose to lead with love.

Or not.

Which do you choose?


©Hilary Clark ~ 6/29/16

See the quilt here.

Rustic (Hot Cross Four)

Rough edges equal
burnt effort.  Every
attempt, rustic or
ornate, to embody the
Holy, to embrace the
Sacred, is to be
Love.  Reach beyond
boundaries.  Open wide.
Let glory in.


©Hilary Clark

See the quilt here.