Iron Cross

Symbols used for military
honor are re-imagined for
motorcycle enthusiasts.
Turn around.  The
Iron Cross is everywhere.
But is it all-inclusive?
History says no.
God says yes.
Everyone is welcome
under God.

God always say

© Hilary Clark ~ 1.27.17

See the quilt here.


The Coptic crosses hang,
mounted on green
velvet, within a golden
frame.  A gift from
Ethiopia, presented
fifty years ago.

The brass has

The meaning has not.

God loves our imperfection.


© Hilary Clark ~ 12.13.16

See the quilt here.

The Gods

The gods dance
in never-ending circles
of spirit,
silver tendrils pin-wheeling out to
kiss the universe.
Air and fire wrap the
holy in warmth and
while blue, blue water swirls into
knots, twisting back
and forth like the tide.
The sacred elements converge.
The four cardinal points embrace the
The gods rest.


©Hilary Clark ~ 11/18/16

See the quilt here.