Any Color’s All Right As Long As It’s Blue (for Gene)

Grandpa wore badge number
thirteen when he donned his
fireman gear in the
Blue bedroom where his two
grandchildren slept over.

Once I woke and he kissed my forehead.

He hunted abalone and
dug clams in the
Blue surf. Grandma cleaned
fresh caught fish and just shot
ducks he brought home.
He stirred the food
together on his plate.

He said it all ends up in the same place.

He smelled of
Parliaments, the ones in the
Blue pack. So did the
Green Giant doll he gave me.
We watched football on Sunday
afternoons. His large hands
rubbed my back in one stroke.

I knew I was loved.

My brother just turned nine.
I was old at ten. Grandpa was
only seventy when I wept
Blue tears.

© Hilary Clark ~ 7/17/15
See the quilt here.

Any Color’s All Right As Long As It’s Purple (for Neska)

In a purple dress and a
Fabulous hat
Grandma gave kisses with
Pursed lips, soft as
Feather pillows. Every
Memory is sweet
Like the sugar
She sprinkled on

Purple plum tomatoes.
Grandpa called her
Sweetheart, his
Honey girl, in love
Letters sent from
San Salvador, rich with

Purple prose.
Grandma licked her
Finger to smooth my
Eyebrows and called me
Pet. She called all of us
Her pet.

© Hilary Clark ~ 5/29/15
See the quilt here.

Any Color’s All Right As Long As It’s Green (for Lucille)

Nonie doted on her two
With weekly deliveries
Of glazed donuts extra
Sweetened with hugs.
She can’t stay long, she said.
We went camping at the
Hot springs, staying
Close while she hooked
Up primitive utilities in
Clip on earrings and kneepads.
Eucalyptus smells like grandparenting.
Tiny children in the back
Seat, driven by a tiny
In a boat of a car
Towing a silver
Bullet RV.
Grandpa met us there.
Her home’s dance floor was
Green carpet, where we
Spun to accordion whines, heavy
Foot on the organ pedal and
Marching saints on a baby
I have her hands.
© Hilary Clark ~ 3/13/15
See the quilt here.