Any Color’s All Right As Long As It’s Green (for Lucille)

Nonie doted on her two
With weekly deliveries
Of glazed donuts extra
Sweetened with hugs.
She can’t stay long, she said.
We went camping at the
Hot springs, staying
Close while she hooked
Up primitive utilities in
Clip on earrings and kneepads.
Eucalyptus smells like grandparenting.
Tiny children in the back
Seat, driven by a tiny
In a boat of a car
Towing a silver
Bullet RV.
Grandpa met us there.
Her home’s dance floor was
Green carpet, where we
Spun to accordion whines, heavy
Foot on the organ pedal and
Marching saints on a baby
I have her hands.
© Hilary Clark ~ 3/13/15
See the quilt here.

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