Screen Door (formerly Summer Garden)

Summer always retrains my OCD.
Days and months and hours and seconds of
Grey, rain, snow.  Monochromatic.
Dull.  Ordered.  Routine.  Then, one day,
I get out of bed and the sun is
Shining.  And I don’t need a
Coat to go outside.  The garden
Explodes in color — ALL the colors.
All the vibrant, rich, riotous color
Jumbled and strewn and on top of
More color.  The world glows.
The screen door replaces the
Storm door.  I’m opening it.
Time to let go and play.


©Hilary Clark

See the quilt here.

Garden Grown

Planted at the moment of

Heart and Soul as gardens

To cultivate
To water
To weed

The blackness

Let the light in

Beauty and love
Richness beyond all dreams

Share the bounty

Watch your gardens grow

© Hilary Clark, 1/21/10