(Feeling) Hopeful

When you’re working to bring your
dreams to life,
hope is a commodity.
The work is necessary.
Action mandatory.
Wishes and prayers and crossed fingers don’t
deliver without tiny steps forward.
Hope seems foolish.

But the value of hope must not be discounted.

Hope lifts you up and into action when
your energy flags.
Hope is the bright promise in your vision.
Hope is the planted seed of the
dream you’re creating.
Hope is the light in your tunnel.
Hope is your lifeline on the sea.

Do the work.
Feel the hope.
Create the dream.


© Hilary Clark ~ 9/21/19

My poems are inspired by my art.  See the piece that inspired this poem here.

(Feeling) Crushed

I am crushed.
All blood
Spread across pavement,
Shades of
Like a bug.
Trampled and
Compressed into
Someone who bears
No resemblance to
Who or what I am.

Feeling crushed is not
Like treading on
Grapes to make wine.
Feeling crushed is
Being smashed with a
Hammer, shattering
Into shards
Pain and disappointment
To blind me to my

Someone stomped on me.
I am crushed.


© Hilary Clark ~ 7/17/19

See the art that inspired this poem here.

(Feeling) Passionate

Passion is not just reserved for the
bedroom or even your
romantic relationship.
This piece of art is passion in
vibrant color.
This poem is passion in
word and intent.
Passion is flow, where
time becomes illusion and
your genius creates
something from nothing.
Passion is your birthright.
Passion is your soul on fire.
Passion is when you
realize you’re made of
magic and
starlight and


© Hilary Clark ~ 5/8/19

See the art here.