A fire rages through the
country.  Anger flares.
Passion ignites.
Polarized, on the brink of
repeating history.

Will we break?

Will we unite?

Each day, one side or the
other, or the media
who has bias both ways,
fan the flames of dissent.

Our next revolution will be a civil war.

Pull the pin on the extinguisher.

© Hilary Clark ~ 5.31.17

See the quilt here.

Airport Layout Plan: Houston Hobby

How does one
write a poem about an
airport?  (I build airports.
Did you know?)
In the year 2000,
Houston Hobby needed more
gates.  So, the
City hired a contractor (us) and
we built a new concourse after we
pumped out all the water
Tropical Storm Allison
dumped on our job site.
It looks like a stealth
bomber.  The concourse,
not the tropical storm.
Anyway, this is not a poem.

© Hilary Clark ~ 3.14.17

See the quilt here.