(Feeling) Isolated

We moved cross country in the
middle of a pandemic to
self-isolate and shelter in

We wonder if there are
neighbors in the
houses on our new street.

No one is out.

We are not alone in feeling
isolated. Adults miss
co-workers they dislike.
Kids miss school classes they
hid under covers to avoid.

Isolation slices at the universal connection we share.
There is distance between us.

No hugs.

No shared laughter over a
bottle of wine at a
favorite restaurant.

Each on our own
desert island, wondering if
we’ll ever return.

© Hilary Clark ~ May 29, 2020


My poems are inspired by my art.  See the piece that inspired this poem here.

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(Feeling) Grief

Grief is pain.
Alternating waves of
raw, naked heart strings and
numb shock, eyes
glazed under a
sea of tears.

Every nerve ending
denying the loss.

With clenched fists,
Grief repeats its own
mantra – No, no, no, it
can’t be true – skipping on the
jagged edge of anguish.

Feeling grief, it’s absorbed into the
bones, the flesh, the
heart, the soul.
Grief never really leaves.
It becomes a part of the
one left behind, building a
new synapse connection in the
mind, always present until

Until the one left
behind is the one
being grieved.

© Hilary Clark ~ February 26, 2020

My poems are inspired by my art.  See the piece that inspired this poem here.